5 Quirky Ways to Design Your Workspace and Boost Your Creativity!

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Are you tired of feeling stuck or unmotivated when working in your current office environment?

It might be time to consider sprucing up your workspace! Research has already established how much an ergonomic chair or a more natural light source could positively transform the way we work.

As such I’ve put together an exciting list of 5 simple yet effective strategies for improving any workplace today!


1. Color Theory, how Brighter Workspaces Lead to Better Work:
It’s no secret that our environment affects our mood and motivation levels at work. Recent research suggests that brightly lit workplaces lead to increased alertness among workers which is vital for maintaining productivity during busy days. When it comes down to it – the addition of eye-catching decorative wall pieces or unique desk accessories (like a colored mug) adds personality while reaping the benefits of incorporating brighter colors into our lives. And if you’re looking for a little extra push, motivational quotes or bold fonts can provide the daily reminder to stay productive.


2. Keep it cool:
Having an open and relaxed workspace can boost your creativity and team spirit. Research has shown that employees who work in an open office environment reported higher levels of job satisfaction, engagement, and collaboration than those in closed offices. Building bonding among the team by having inspirational books and who doesn’t want to be more engaged and productive at work?


3. Boost Creativity and Combat Workplace Stress with Interacting Objects:
Did you know that incorporating an interacting object into your office setup can have powerful benefits for both creativity and stress management? Scientific studies have revealed that playing around with such items stimulates a more imaginative thought process leading to enhanced innovation. Keep a stress ball fidget spinner or Rubik’s cube on your desk! These simple tools provide an excellent mental workout that can help clear the way for fresh ideas. Additionally interacting with these objects provides a helpful outlet for reducing stress levels and increasing focus. So don’t hesitate to take frequent breaks and engage with these fun items – they could be just what you need to find inspiration!


4. Get Up & Groove:
Looking for ways to enhance job satisfaction while reducing workplace stress? Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine may be just what the doctor ordered! Studies show that simply getting up from your chair or desk periodically throughout the day can improve focus and productivity while decreasing tension levels. But if you’re eager for an activity that combines movement with camaraderie among coworkers – look no further than spontaneous office dance-offs! Dancing has been found not only to foster greater teamwork skills but also to promote generosity among participants – an added bonus for everyone involved.


5. Boost Creativity and Team Bonding with Outings:
If you’re feeling stuck at work planning an outing with your team might be just the break you need. Research has shown that taking breaks can improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout along with boosting creativity and strengthening team bonds. And it’s not just about having fun – people who take breaks come back with more creative ideas than those who don’t. So taking time for an outing could be just what you need to spark your next big idea.   But the benefits of outings go beyond increased creativity. They also provide a chance to reward hardworking employees and promote an important work-life balance. Don’t neglect this important aspect of workplace culture – plan an outing today! In order to boost your productivity and mood it’s essential to upgrade your workspace. By introducing some color maintaining a comfortable temperature having an interactive object on your desk dancing it out and scheduling some outings you’re sure to see a major difference.   As the saying goes – work hard but play harder – and always remember to keep a positive attitude!

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