Palette69 is Glad To Be Design Partners with Glocha, for the DigitalArt4Climate Initiative.

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Our Official Collaboration with Glocha, UN-Habitat, and DigitalArt4Climate, A Leap towards the future and beyond!. 

With 2021 marked as “International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development,” International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI GLOCHA), an Austria-based organization accredited by the United Nations has launched a new initiative called DigitalArt4Climate, to promote young artists to create blockchain-powered digital artwork to inspire the world to take their step forward towards climate change.

As the Official UI/UX Design partner for DigitalArt4Climate, Palette69 contributed to the Designathon, by primarily shortlisting and selecting the best participants in terms of contribution to the UX-UI of the platform. 

Moreover, Palette69 is also working on the execution of the User experience design and UI design of the NFT marketplace under the initiative.

“We believe NFT is a path for creators to share ownership with their fans as well as to contribute to the community in a way which was never possible before.” 

 — Pravanjan Patnaik, Creative Director, and Co-Founder, Palette69

At Palette69, we strongly believe that NFT is a path to immortalizing artworks and creations by creating a way to hold them till eternity. With the climate crisis happening at such an increasing rate, NFTs will assist to pave a way to imprint a narrative forever allowing creators to amplify environmental awareness among people around the globe. Further, we aim to create an NFT based marketplace for creators and collectors that is easy to navigate and free of technical hindrances.

To address the climate crisis, the United Nations understands the need to use any tool available to inspire people to commit to serious action on climate change. We believe that uniting digital innovations (IoT, data marketplaces, NFTs) with social innovations (new forms of multi-stakeholder cooperation) will lead to scalable and high participatory systems,” said Miroslav Polzer, founder, and CEO of IAAI GLOCHA, in a statement. “With this initiative, we will drive the benefits of a society-wide mobilization of resources and people’s energies to make a sustainable world happen.” IAAI GLOCHA aims to empower young artists and designers around the world by offering them Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) platforms where they can exhibit their creations and sell them to inspire greater environmental awareness.

About DigitalArt4Climate

The DigitalArt4Climate NFT initiative aims to promote art via blockchain technology to spread environmental awareness around the world. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership initiative that turns artwork into digital assets using blockchain technology, which can be collected and traded. It aims to create a socio-technological innovation space that unlocks phenomenal potentials for resource mobilization to achieve Sustainable Development Goals/ UN Agenda2030 implementation in general and Action for Climate Empowerment in particular.


GLOCHA is a youth-focused, UN-accredited civil society organization based in Austria. IAAI’s mission since 1999 has been to set up an ecosystem for the GLOCHA, and a corresponding intellectual, technological, and institutional infrastructure for societal engagement in the implementation of sustainable development goals for the environment.

About Us (Palette69) 

Palette69 is an India-based design services company founded in 2015. With allies in the UK, US and India, it delivers a wide spectrum of creative solutions from Gamification, UX/UI to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Branding.Palette69 delivers rare excellence in behavioral science and systems design solutions, which is recognized as industry standard practice around the globe.Palette69 is presently working on an NFT based ecosystem called Boolien to bridge the gap between creators and their audiences.

To know more about Boolien, visit: https://medium.com/@Boolien/introducing-boolien-part-1-2e0335167291

The whole Team Who are also involved in the initiative:

Unique Network I Exquisite Workers | Crypto Corpse  I Social Alpha Foundation 

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