The Tangible meet the Intangible with a seamless metaverse and marathon case study

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To make the Metaverse a true success, we must remember that the intangible experiences we create must have a tangible effect on the world around us – Sudipto

Mmm, the Metaverse, a world of wonder and innovation it is. But as with all things, it evolves and changes over time. The bubble burst, it did, but from the ashes, true innovation takes shape. And what we want to see in the Metaverse is a combination of 3D, 6G enabled, Digital Twin, IoT, and seamless integration, regardless of the layers of technology.

Physical fitness remains a testament to one’s grit and determination – something that can be demonstrated through activities such as running marathons. 

The year 2021 witnessed over four hundred global marathons whereby estimated statistics indicate participation rates surpassing ten million people annually. Forty-five years old was revealed as the average age among competitors. Interestingly enough though there exist multiple marathon distances ranging from full-featured races down to shorter variants such as half-marathon or even just a simple ten kilometres run; full-distance races rank high among popular choices. 

Besides this insight, it was found out that countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom do conduct more marathons relatively speaking and October to December brackets a period where athletes seemingly cling to numerous marathon racing events.

Now, imagine a Metaverse where marathon runners worldwide can compete in a virtual world, while their physical performance is recorded and maintained in the digital world. This is where our Proof of Concept comes in, a Metaverse explicitly designed for marathon runners.

Our objective was to create a gamified application that can be used by anyone, regardless of their demographic, and where anyone can participate and get rewarded. The application is designed to be visually appealing, using 3D technology, and all information is protected through blockchain.


We take pride in crafting a seamless blend between the physical and digital spheres through UI design and framework development. The app for runners offers participation in virtual marathons that foster competition on a global level. By recording their physical feats into the software. We maintain accuracy in tracking individual progress as they push themselves towards attaining set goals.

Screenshot from the app screen – Prototype level


Our developers’ main goal was to craft an enjoyable and intuitive experience through our application design layout. We strove to create interactive features by integrating gamification aspects within the platform to keep users engaged for longer periods while they navigate the platform comfortably. Regarding security measures in place, we use blockchain technology to ensure your information remains confidential and safeguarded from external threats at all times.

To sum it up, Metaverse presents endless opportunities for us to enrich our lives in many ways. Our Proof-of-Concept serves as just one example that demonstrates how effectively it could enhance the physical world if integrated seamlessly with digital reality. 

Importantly, this Integration enables everyone around the globe regardless of gender, age or even financial background – equal access and a fair reward system for their participation- ushering in an environment promoting inclusivity on an unparalleled scale.

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