How to amplify the value of your business using Innovative Creative Marketing Strategies?

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Very often when you come up with a good business concept, you think all that is left to do is to start the business and everything else will be fine by itself. Unfortunately, it works just like that only in the movies. To run a successful business, having an amazing product or amazing service isn’t all that you need. Your success will eventually fall into the hands of marketing. Just look at brands like Apple and Google. They have amazing products and services, but it was their marketing that led them to billions of dollars. The truth is you can have the best product on the market but if people won’t know about it then you’ll have a hard time selling it. 

In this article, we will cover different Innovative and creative marketing strategies which you can use to make your business go from zero to hero!


1. Power of Surprise and Delight

Surprise and delight are some of the most powerful tools in marketing. 

Ask yourself, whether it’s a free coffee from your favourite cafe or a 20% discount for being a loyal customer, a small surprise from your favourite brand makes your day doesn’t it? 

This is because the human brain is designed to crave the unexpected and derive pleasure from such events. Surprise and delight make use of this brain functioning. 

Surprise and Delight seek to attract and nurture customers through the lead pipeline using the power of interactive experiences, unexpected gifts or rewards, and personalised content. 

One of the most popular Surprise and Delight Marketing Campaigns is Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass promotion. 

One of the most popular Hollywood actors Johnny Depp became a part of the promotion of Alice Through The Looking Glass. He slipped into the full Mad Hatter costume and directly engaged with people via a billboard on a live stream. People were so shocked and fascinated to have a one-to-one conversation with him. Watch the video here. 

Many other international celebrities such as Beyonce, Shahrukh Khan have been part of such campaigns, garnering massive popularity and attention. 


2. Should every brand have a Superbowl commercial?

Do you know the number of impressions created by a 30 second Super Bowl ad is unmatched by any other media opportunity out there? 

Super Bowl ads are extremely costly. In 2022, the cost went up to $7 million for a 30-second ad. But when compared to the impressions it generates, the costs seem too little. Last year’s ads garnered over 6.3 billion TV impressions, 26 million online views, and 64 billion social impressions. Can you believe it? 

Here’s the cost graph for the price of a 30-second Super Bowl spot over the last decade:

Super Bowl commercials are the most underpriced ad buy in all of advertising. Even though it costs over $5 million, it helps to create massive virality, surprise, and spotlight effects on the brand. But not every band can afford one, does it?

Considering the technological advances we have, every brand can easily create something called an “Anchor Video”. 

It is similar to a big super Bowl commercial with an objective to shape and define what people think of your brand. One of the most popular Anchor videos is the Dollar Shave Club anchor video. It went viral on social media and resulted in 12,000 new signups in the first 48 hours after the debut. Watch the video here

In the end, what matters is creative content. As the saying goes, content is the king. No marketing strategy will be more powerful than creating quality content. Creating innovative and catchy content spreads the word itself and boosts brand retention. 


3. Is the trend the New Normal in Creative Marketing?  

C’mon, admit it. Every time you see something trendy on social media you feel a Fear Of Missing Out. We do too! And honestly, there is nothing wrong with it. This is just how a human brain functions. We are functioned to follow the trend and when something becomes trendy, it becomes the new normal. 

When it comes to creative marketing, trending content is a priority. You can catch almost every brand jumping on the bandwagon with their content ready whenever a new movie is released, a new fashion comes into the picture or something funny happens on a global level. 

One of the most popular Indian brands that are appreciated worldwide for its marketing and trending content is Zomato. From social media posts to tweets to memes, Zomato knows its audience well. They know what would make us use their service, and never fails to bring out the foodie in us. 

This has been seen in advertising and marketing for decades after decades where advertising has influenced the behavioural patterns of humans. Trending topics provides an opportunity for your brand to catch massive attention. The dress you wear, the food you eat, and the habits you acquire, almost everything is a result of trends and marketing paired well.  

This boils down to the fact that almost every brand needs to incorporate popular content in their marketing, but not overdo it.


4. Urgency in Creative Marketing

One of the hardest things to do in Marketing is creating a sense of urgency and the feeling that the customer will lose something if they don’t take action right now. Converting your visitors into customers by applying any means of urgency such as sales trigger words or powerful CTAs is called Urgency in Marketing. 

Brands including Apple, Target, and Starbucks use the power of the limited time only offer, buy one get one free to turn browsers into customers. Flipkart’s Big Billion Days is another example. Customers tend to buy more feeling if they won’t, they will miss out on trendy and new and fashionable items in the market. 

Some ways to promote Urgency in marketing are : 

  1. Biggest Monday Sale Ever!
  2. Online only!
  3. Save up to 60% on THOUSANDS of items!
  4. Quantities are limited, so SHOP EARLY!

In short, Urgency in marketing is simply a strategy to show your customers that products are scarce, grab their immediate attention, and compel them to make a purchase.


Final Thoughts 

So, these were some really important things that need to be taken care of right from the start of your innovative and creative marketing strategy. These points are essential, otherwise, your brand’s marketing strategy will not achieve the desired results and would probably fail.


Writing Credit – Pranjali


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