Top 3 Video Production Mistakes you must avoid

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Too frequently, marketers and creators create videos for their companies’ brands that fail to interest their audience or pique their curiosity.

We’ll be upfront with you: there isn’t a secret formula or clever marketing technique for creating an effective brand video. However, we can point out several errors that people frequently make when creating movies for their businesses in order to guide you in the proper route.


1. Not sticking to the script

Marketers and producers not following a written script are among the most frequent video blunders we observe. Avoid being intimidated by the idea of producing a professional video script; simply putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is a terrific way to organise your ideas and create a compelling narrative. 

Before shooting, make sure you read your screenplay aloud and to the rest of the team. You might be shocked by how artificial some written words or phrases can sound when compared to a more relaxed and conversational tone.


2. You’re assuming things 

If you’re assuming that your audience will care about your video, you should rethink. 

Did you give them a reason to care? In all honesty, your audience will only be interested in your video if it is interesting or valuable to them.

To be effective, develop a video concept that illustrates how your product’s characteristics could assist someone in resolving an issue or the advantages it offers.  Think of strategies to hook your viewers in the initial few seconds or get them interested in what you offer.


3. Watch your tone!

 If your product or app screams fun but you use a sad tone instead, your video is going to do more harm than good.

It is as simple as not laughing at someone’s funeral or not sleeping while you’re out partying.

It is all in the tone


Now, what’s your story?

There is a story. You know it. 

The question is, how well do you communicate it through your video. 

Video lets people express tales about their business or ideas without losing information. In your content, use examples or stories. Stories and examples make videos more fascinating and simpler to follow.

Case studies and client feedback share authentic stories. By asking the appropriate questions, you may show how your product helped clients. This method shows your audience how your product can address their difficulties. 

A viewer may choose you over the competition if they recognise a corporation that employs your product.


The wise learn from others’ mistakes

These problems are avoidable. You’re wise. What would this lead to?


A great video that would be liked by your viewers


Writing Credit – Drishti Shah


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